Sunday, August 25, 2019

Scottish Adventure 3. Banff and some Speyside whiskies

John’s grandfather was born in Banff, so we drove there for a look,
crossing the River Spey en route
With trout (or salmon) fishers in the shallows
We stopped first at the harbour
watching the not at all frenzied activity
the fishing boats (this one had crab or lobster pots)
and the pleasure craft
We checked out this pub, but decided that we could do better
although we were amused by this sign in the window
before making our way into town where we looked for graves of Duncans who might have been John’s ancestors
and then popped in to the oldest pub for a pint, The Market Arms, the
oldest building to have been continuously occupied in the town – since 1585
The beer was good,
a bitter from a 300 year old brewery
and the company very convivial
Then back to Rothes where we were greeted by the hotel’s dog
who has his head in a bucket to stop him licking his recently operated on “bits”
We decided to do a whisky tasting in the bar
This was interesting, if a little like Fawlty Towers at times
especially when one wants to taste some of their 100+ whiskies and none of the staff,
or even the owner, knows where to find the one you ask for or even knows the price
Fortunately we met a whisky writer, Jim Coleman (of Whisky Boys  who introduced us to this excellent whisky, Glen Moray (pronounced Murray) 10 year old, matured in Chardonnay casks, a rich, full-flavoured delight at £6.50. Thankfully, a Scots dram is twice the size of an English tot
We also tried this Glen Keith, at £4.50, and best suited as a mixer in cocktails
Enough said

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