Saturday, January 24, 2015

A day in Franschhoek -3 Landau du Val

We had made an appointment to go to Landau du Val that afternoon because we wanted to meet owner Basil Landau and taste his renowned Semillon. Basil is legendary and is as charming and interesting as people told us he was. He told us all about the farm’s history while we tasted. He bought the farm in 1986 when there was very little interest in the area and has restored the property very sympathetically. He also grows Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Pinotage but sells that and only vinifies the Semillon from an historic Semillon vineyard, planted in 1905. There is also a 25 year old vineyard. Landau de Val produces a classic French style Semillon, which has mutton fat on the nose and a full mouth of honeyed fruit, which is steely dry with lemons, limes and complex layers.
Basil in his sitting room
We tasted the 2012 Semillon, which gets a well deserved 4½ stars in this year’s Platter. It is made by consultant winemaker Wynand Grobler, who is the winemaker at Rickety Bridge
Lynne and Basil chatting about the wine while tasting
A view of their vines from the main house
It is a classic Cape Dutch style farmhouse
The 25 year old Semillon vineyard
The gardens are beautifully kept and have lovely mountain views on all sides
A quiet courtyard
Basil’s pride and joy, his MG TC, c 1947
More pride and joy come from their horses. Their daughter is involved in show jumping. This is their new 2 month old foal with great pedigree
We talked to all of them and Basil rewarded them with carrots
Thank you so much Basil for spending the time with us
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