Friday, January 23, 2015

A visit to Agter Paarl and Voor Paardeberg

Over the Christmas break we made a couple of visits to the winelands. We took our British tour guide friend Terry for a day trip to Agter Paarl and beyond, to Vondeling
We were early for our appointment so took a quick short right to Spice Route where we showed him the brewery
and what was on offer
Lots of beer on tap
Our beer guide had a terrible cold, but did not infect us and was charming
Some amber nectar – the CBC Pilsner. A case of that went home with us, it is so refreshing
Its a popular place to visit. You can taste 6 beers for R35 and they are quite good tasting portions
Then we went to Vondeling, where Terry wanted to meet Dr Bridget Johnsen and find out about the biodiversity of their mountain and its Fynbos floral kingdom
We shared one of their very generous platters for lunch
Local meats, olives, fruit and some ‘money bags’ filled with cheese and spinach
And there was a very good cheese board with preserves and green figs
Lots of humour
Bridget then took us to see their cataloguing of the plants found on the farm and the mountain reserve. It is very detailed work, but they are finding amazing plant species
And then it was time for a quick call to see the Vermentino vines we helped plant last year and have been made guardians of on Ayama. We did a little weeding of our five vines with owners Attilio Dalpiaz and Michela Sfiligoi and then shared a bottle of their Brut Rosé on the farm with them before driving home
Marvellous views of the mountains over the vines
The back of Paarl mountain
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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