Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buitenverwachting, Valentine's Day

The Avenue of ancient oaks leading into the farm
Buitenverwachting manor house and vineyards
A perfect Amuse. A tower of full flavoured peppers and aubergine slices topped with a delicious and refreshing tomato jelly, it shows you how good things taste when they are made with perfect ingredients
The seafood salad starter was a little daunting - it was a huge plate with 5 pieces of different fish, prawns and calamari with a little salad
veal T-bone served with a marvellous Marsala jus, turned vegetables and small cakes of polenta with pine nuts
Catalan Crème Brulée with Rhubarb and ice-cream - the mouth is faster than the camera!
The boss can do everything! Lars Maack delivering wine to the St Luke's Hospice Valentine's Day concert

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