Friday, June 22, 2012

Villiera's new tasting room

The counter in the Villiera Tasting room
Megaflash the tasting room cat, melting on a chic velvet chair that matches his fur,  in front of his fire
The wonderful selection of bottles of wine and bubbly that Villiera produces, here and in France
Lynne making notes as she tastes the rose and the white wines

And then the reds... The Monro and the Domaine Grier are really special.
Staff are recycling newspaper to make the very attractive gift bags, a really great project. Villiera is a very "green" farm, recycling everything they can and producing their own electricity from photovoltaic panels on the farm's roofs.
Jeff Grier, Cape Wine Master and owner/winemaker of Villiera at the counter in front of his wines
Ancient and modern mix well in the tasting room. The chandelier is an award winning design, ditto the very basic solid wood table and benches, do not jar with the magnificent old heritage Jonkmanskas linen press
These images were made with a Nokia N8 smartphone and are ©John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus cc, 2012

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