Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caroline's Red Wine Review

Last night we enjoyed a marathon tasting of red wines, chosen by Caroline Rillema, at Caroline’s Red Wine Review at the Westin Grand Hotel. She only chooses wines with 4 star ratings and above.
Danie Steytler (Kaapzicht), Caroline Rillema, Francois van Zyl (Laibach) and Abrie Beeslaar (Kanonkop)

Michael Langenhoven (La Motte), Caroline Rillema, Christo le Riche (le Riche), Niels Verburg (Luddite) and Norma Ratcliffe (Warwick)

Christo le Riche discussing his 2009 Cabernet with David Brice (The Wine Cellar)

JC Martin, owner/winemaker at Creation
Hermann Kirschbaum and Brad Paton of Buitenverwachting
Lynne with Norman McFarlane
Beverley Horrell and Pieter Visser of Oak Valley
Caroline with Nico van der Merwe
Bill Ford (Protea Hospitality Corporation) with Lars Maack (MD, Buitenverwachting)
Danie Steytler (Kaapzicht) with Kara Miller (Marketing Manager at Cape Classics)
Sue Anderson, happily anticipating a vendange of her own
Sue Anderson with Louis Nel
All photographs in this blog are ©John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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