Thursday, July 12, 2012

Supper at Den Anker: Master of the Trade Routes Promotion at the V&A Waterfront

Den Anker 021 419 0249  

Den Anker on a cold winter’s night all lit up and welcoming
Their Trade Routes Special menu in the window
The reception and quirky bar area with boat above
Glowing fireplace in the middle of the restaurant and gas heaters elsewhere make it cosy
Crisp French bread and butter is brought immediately
Signature DishSeared Canadian Scallop on a White Asparagus Risotto with a lightly curried Beurre Blanc. The creamy asparagus risotto topped with three large scallops, two tempura prawns, mushrooms, a curry Beurre blanc, parmesan crisp and, to top it all,  a delicious truffle jus. This came accompanied by a glass of Jordan' Bradgate Sauvignon Blanc /Chardonnay for each of us. What more could you desire? And only R120 for the meal.
Soft pears poached in red wine with cinnamon and allspice accompanied by a cherry beer sabayon and a tiny glass of the cherry beer.
Their normal menu which always includes their signature dishes of cneese croquettes, Moules Marinières, superb seafood and fish, great steaks including a Chateaubriande and rabbit. Their wine list is also very good, and many wines are available by the glass.

Photographs ©John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus cc. 2012

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The life and love of a 20-something in Cape Town said...

Wow I have been tempted to go and try that dish and it really looks even better than it sounds! Great pictures. Lauren