Thursday, July 05, 2012

Top dog

On a Roll at 78 Durban Road in Mowbray, right across the road from Fat Cactus. Bright retro diner design makes it easy to find.

The Hotdog menu for dessert and drinks. A wide selection of whatever you might desire.
Then the Dog menu.  Lots of choice, each comes with fries, and three sauces: a hot chilli & garlic, a gherkin relish and a Prego and you can order extras as well
The cool bar, where sport is on the wide screen TV, you can play Subbuteo (table football) with your mates and smoking is allowed
Bright red and yellow theme in the eatery which has great rock and roll music playing while you eat
How many years since you’ve seen a gum ball machine?
Lynne’s choice: The Thoroughbred at R49 - Rosemary and Pepperdew beef sausage with Pepperdew Aioli and the three side sauces.
Our table, food all ready to eat
John’s choice: German Shepherd at R55: Bockwurst sausage with German mustard, Granny Smith apple and Sauerkraut
Good crispy chips too
Half and half means we get to taste both
Soft serve ice cream is your dessert and you can double up your dog for R15, order the dog of the day or the Soup of the Day and enquire about having a party there
John had the Soft serve ice cream with chopped nuts, marshmallows and syrup

All these photographs are © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus cc, 2012

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