Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dinner at Gold Restaurant

Being shown the reception area by Cindy Muller, the inspiration behind the designs
Staff in front of the organ pipe reception desk
The organ was in situ, now it is being restored. A Mali puppet at play
Moroccan style tiles in reception on the ground floor
Carved calabashes with gold leaf interiors are the lamps in the stair well
The Kenya room has pictures of the Masai Mara thrown up against the wall while you eat
The very large function room, which you can hire for events...
.... with the stunning carved doors
Drums you use for the drumming sessions which teach one a lot 
about rhythm and working together
A comfortable seating area where you can meet your friends for a drink before dinner
The bar and our table
The top floor open air terrace with the living wall of plants
Moroccan tiles and Moroccan leather sofas!
The open stairwell with a view of one of the restaurant floors
Staff and the organ pipes
These decorative fish are actually headdresses
Two of the Mali puppets, the organ and some superb art made from palm fronds
Our charming, elegant waitress, Prossy Nabukwasi, is from Uganda
The view from our table
What went so well with dinner, Paulina’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2010 
from Rickety Bridge
The 10 course Winter set menu we were served.  This is now being changed for their Spring menu. The menu changes with the seasons
Spicy tomato and chilli soup served with a vetkoek 
(a savoury, deep-fried doughnut type bread)
One of the entertainers about to perform
The next course of four dishes, from top left:  Gogo onder die kombers (Granny under  a blanket) Beef and Ostrich meatballs wrapped in cabbage leaves with tomato ‘smoor’ (sauce); Game Sosaties with Rooibos Apricots (marinated beef kebabs); Moroccan Prawn Brouiats (parcels);  Potato and pea samoosas; served with Creamed fruit chutney.
Mali puppeteer just about to dance around the tables
Two singing dancers with enormous enthusiasm
Main course, with colourful crockery.  Beans and fresh corn from Nigeria, a very mild Kenyan Coconut chicken curry served with Lemon and peanut rice & mango atchar and Congolese Morog (rural spinach) with peppers, tomatoes and chilli.
John’s loaded plate, and we had lots over - the portions are very generous.
A drummer
Performers on the stairs
Dancers showing us lots of regional styles
Dessert is Boeber a Cape Malay milk pudding with vermicelli, sago, sultanas and roasted almonds and spices. Not to everyone’s taste!  Especially if they went to boarding school.
All the toilets are unisex
More gold leaf lined calabash lamps
As we exited we saw the small shop in the entrance.
Photographs are © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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