Thursday, September 13, 2012

Supper at Societi's new Cookhouse at the Josephine Mill

The historic Josephine Mill in Newlands
Cookhouse logo on a barrel top
The printed menu
and the specials on a blackboard
Juan Botha, newly qualified cabinet maker and part-time waiter,
who looked after us very well

The tidy serving area
The inside of the restaurant
The waiters' memo board above the pizza oven
The pizza chefs
A view of the outside terrace
John’s Bruschetta of roast aubergine, tomato and rocket served on paper
Ronnies Cauliflower cheese soufflĂ© – different and a little dry
Lynne's very crispy squid with aoli. Far too much batter, very dry, no garlic in the aioli and the suspect of the evening
Loraine's Burrata  - Local cow’s milk mozzarella with a creamy centre.
John’s hamburger, which he enjoyed, but the so called “crispy” chips were sloppy and coated with paprika to make them look as though they were crisp
Loraine’s main course of parpardelle pasta with dried mushroom, chilli and tomato sauce
Lynne’s main of baked semolina gnocchi in a brown butter sauce with sage leaves. Needed more sage and the butter needed to be brown and nutty. This is a very, very rich dish and, we were told, the most popular dish in the restaurant.
Ronnie had the large portion and regretted it, as it is rather heavy.
The old Mill boiler
Restaurant hams, sausages and salamis hanging in side rooms
Photographs © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus cc 2012

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Unknown said...

Such a pity -I have had 9 meals there so far, and my only "complaint" was under -seasoning of the souffle base.I also found the calamari very dry, so I havent ordered it again, but I have had some spectacularly good dishes.