Thursday, September 06, 2012

You Can With Fish book launch at Granger Bay Hotel School

Tamsin Snyman launched the third book of canned fish recipes at The Hotel School at Granger Bay, which was dressed for the occasion
A display of the sponsor's products was on every table, with wines by Allee Bleue
Courtenay and Tamsin Snyman
Pilchard Bunny Chow - a hit among the canapés presented when we arrived
A little jazz to set the tone
PR publicist Errieda du Toit, journalist Norman McFarlane and Lynne, 
enjoying the Spring sunshine
A well-packed dining room
Introduction by John Stephenson
with wise words from  Chef Graham Donne from SA Chefs Association SACA 
and Shân Biesman-Simons, director of nutrition and education, The Heart and Stroke Foundation
followed by publisher and author Tamsin Snyman
Real cider from James Mitchell Gone Fishing

Middlecut Mediterranean tomatoes
Tuna cakes & Tartare sauce
Pilchard, Marrow & Mushroom Cottage Pie
Curried Pilchards, Samp & Corn
Sardine Pancake Bake
Tuna & Mushroom Casserole
Pickled Pilchards with Pap & Spinach
Dessert from the DIY Cookie Bar
Publisher/author Tamsin Snyman with Lucky Star marketing director John Stephenson and Vashti Barends, also from Lucky Star
Photographs © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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