Thursday, October 04, 2012

Avondale's Eco tour

Avondale's beautiful view of “the Pearl” – Paarl rock with Paarl town nestling below
The interior of Avondale’s tasting room, full of beautiful antiques and modern touches
Young vines at bud break stage beneath a flat pine
One of Avondale’s dams
Caeli Pentz and the Avondale Anima Chenin Blanc on the back of the bakkie
An old farm cottage on the edge of the woods
A view of the mountains behind the winery
Young budding vines, still with the cover crop on, with the 100 Avondale ducks and their duck minder. The ducks clear up the snails, slugs and other pests in the vineyards
The root of a lupin plant showing the nodes of nitrogen 
which will be ploughed back into the soil
A fresh spring day in the vineyards with the mountains in the background
Our lovely driver, whom we first met when he used to deliver Avondale wines to our shop.
Tasting the two red wines in the tasting room after the tour
The Avondale wine range
The spotless gravity fed tank cellar awaiting the next harvest
The barrel cellar
Spring daisies in the vineyards
Photographs © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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