Friday, October 05, 2012

Jean Daneel's Le Grand Jardin launch at La Mouette

The Le Grand Jardin Chenin Blanc, the White Sauvignon Chenin blend and the Red Shiraz Merlot blend
Jean Daneel discussing winemaking
His wife Renée in the background
Cathy Marston, Corlien Morris of Wine Concepts and Hennie Coetzee of Batonage taking notes
Angela Lloyd takes a photo
Jean is passionate about his wines
Renée telling us about Reneesance, her restaurant in Napier
Portrait of the winemaker
Tiny chicken kebabs with a peanut saté sauce
Shot glasses of pea soup
Crisp prawns on a fresh corn salsa
Henry Vigar’s famous cheese croquettes and suppli balls of rice, deep fried in batter
Mini hamburgers and a rich duck liver mousse on toast
Higgo Jacobs, Sommelier at Catharina’s, Roy Davies of The Vineyard Hotel and Norman McFarlane, listening intently to the Daneels talk about wine growing and running a restaurant in Napier
Tiny spring rolls with a chilli dip
Photographs © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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