Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pasta and ambience at Ragu

Ragu at 123 Waterkant Street, behind the first section of the Cape Quarter
Inside, they have a small number of tables, some clothes for sale and there is a bar
The brief and rather drink oriented menu
The wine list is very short with high prices
What shall we have? Sitting at our dining table was rather like being at home for dinner, but with a few people you don't recognise in the room
It is small and intimate with good lighting
Some of the racks of clothing etc in the restaurant bar area
Interestingly, there is a display of DeMorgenzon wine cartons, 
but the wine isn't on the list
Simple vegetarian linguine al limone dressed with just oil, lemon and seasoning. 
It needed cheese and something more substantial like artichoke hearts
Another vegetarian option. Linguine with spinach and pesto, which needed more flavour.
Parpadelle with ragu, the signature dish.  Good sauce. All the pasta was very good and freshly home made
Dessert: Coffee and vanilla ice cream, served the Italian way – you pour the hot espresso over the cold ice cream and you have an Affogato, (literally “drowned in coffee”)
Another dessert: strawberry tart, which was very good, with a shortbread base
Our helpful waiter, Kyle. We didn’t get the style statement though...
The bar
A photo of what the owner was having -  a mixed plate of antipasti from the menu.
Photographs © John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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GARDEN GAL said...

John, you managed to photograph cheese toppings on our pasta - clear photos but I was unaware of the presence of the cheese! (Your lens is more sensitive than my eyes!) We had fun, though - nice evening!