Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oak Valley launches The Pool Room restaurant and deli

Saturday, November  24th. The weather started out cold, wet and stormy 
but cleared in the afternoon to help ensure the success of a fabulous party, 
hosted by Anthony & Maddie Rawbone-Viljoen and their family, 
to launch the Pool Room restaurant and Deli on the Oak Valley Estate in Elgin

The entrance to the Pool Room on the huge Oak Valley Estate
The Pool Room restaurant closed for the launch function. 
The pool 
and the Pool Room
with the invited guests enjoying the Rawbone-Viljoen family's hospitality
A good selection of delicacies in the deli
with cured hams from Oak Valley's acorn fed pigs
being enjoyed by Hannah Wallis and Anel Grobler
the Menu

and some of the delicacies on offer
Alison Digby of Manuka at Southey's looking after her husband, Stephen
Elzaan Visser, Andries and Inge Burger of Paul Cluver 
with Oak Valley winemaker Pieter Visser
Greta Downie
Andrew Gunn of Iona addressed the guests
Anthony Rawbone-Viljoen with Alison and Stephen Digby
Anthony Rawbone-Viljoen and Ian Ovenstone
The Professors entertained with brilliant music
helped by Peter Rawbone-Viljoen
Christopher and Anthony Rawbone-Viljoen
Greta Downie and Janet O'Connor-Pretorius joined in the fun
Amy Rawbone-Viljoen with Beverley Horrell and Wanda Georgen
and everyone enjoyed the wine, the food and the music
Ian Corder of Corder Family Wines
Natalie Opstaele of van Almenkerk Wines
took a photograph of Lynne and John
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus cc 2012

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