Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wine in the sunset at Thelema

Boules on the lawn outside the Webb family house on Thelema
One of the most perfect views from anyone’s terrace
Gyles Webb braaiing those boerewors sausages for the tasting
Thomas Webb at the tasting table with avid tasters
Kyle Martin and his wife Sjanel. 
Kyle represents John Collins, who distributes Thelema’s Sutherland wines
All that wine tasting is making us hungry
Gyles demonstrates the gentle art of braaiing in old oil drums
Discussing wine and the market under the trees and in front of a magnificent  showing of tall hydrangeas, known as Christmas flowers in the Cape.
One of the Webb family’s elegant Weimaraners. 
The textbooks say their temperament is:  Aloof, Stubborn, Intelligent, Alert, Steady, Energetic, Powerful, Fast
Discussing the dog!
Discussing the food
Father and son enjoying the tasting
Say cheese! Ludwig and Lodine Maske of La Cotte Inn Wines/Fromages de France in Franschhoek with their sons
How to make a good ice-cream cone
Alison Digby of Manuka wines and Lynne get busy making ice-cream cones for the boys
as the sun sets over the misty mountains...
... we line up to taste more of these great wines
The highlight of the evening, Thomas presents their 1994 Bubbly made from Chardonnay. This was for tasting only, rather than sales, because there is rather a lot of bottle variation due to the age of the wine. The bottles tasted were superb. Very much to the ‘gout Anglaise”.
The whole line-up for the tasting. We tried but we could not manage to taste them all.
The view from the top of Helshoogte, out over Stellenbosch, and further to the Cape Flats towards the Cape Peninsula mountains, with the sparkling lights and the beautiful sunset as we left.
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2012

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