Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Final Harvest of the 2013 vintage at The Vineyard

Journalist Graham Howe inspects his vine
Angela Lloyd and Melvin Minnaar enjoy a glass of bubbly and the morning sun in the vineyard
General Manager Roy Davies and Kitty  Petousis, owner of The Vineyard, made the welcome speeches
Well known journalists Myrna Robbins and Melvin Minnaar there to see their vines
Roy hands out the secateurs so that the last grapes can be picked
Hearing about the vineyard, the harvest and the story of the wine
Norma Ratcliffe of Warwick Estate picks the grapes on her vines
followed by Greg Landman
The last bucket of grapes, picked and destined for special dishes from the kitchen at The Square restaurant
This is in addition to the 78 kilos picked previously on Friday 15th February
Kitty P chats with Roy Davies before they address the guests
Applause at the speeches
Kitty refers herself as the oldest person in the Hotel, but she has more youth, vigour and fun than many we know
Roy outlines the year's programme of wine and food dinners, wearing the apron given to all attending the ceremony
The programme is printed on the Apron. The first dinner is on the 26th of April.  You can book for them now
A good selection of wines was on offer, chosen from the producers featured in The Vineyard's wine dinners
The wonderful spread laid out in a corner of the Vineyards marvellous garden
The cheese platter
A celebration cake, bearing a picture of Kitty picking grapes, was a great final touch
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2013

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