Thursday, July 18, 2013

Andy's - a new sushi venue in Sea Point

It is a very tiny shop indeed - in The Firmont, the old El Rio building on the Signal Hill side corner of Main and Firmount Roads, right next door to where Kebab Mahal used to be
Andy was indeed once a sushi chef at Willoughby’s and his food is very similar to the fresh seafood salads and sushi they serve
  A small place, with simple decor
We took along wine and he did not charge us corkage. He uses Paris goblets
The Tom Yum had fresh tomato slices in it, straw mushrooms, fresh cucumber and Chinese cabbage and was delicious
The hot and sour was classic, nice and chilli hot and had several prawns. The bowls are large and generous
We ordered two large different platters of sushi and the four of us shared them. Good fresh fish, nicely prepared, with perhaps a touch too much vinegar in the rice, but that is a personal taste preference, not a criticism

Our delight was that Andy was offering a 30% discount on the sushi as an opening special and our bill was really very reasonable. It is NOT a third of Willoughby’s price but you will not spend a fortune
We hope that Andy becomes a fixture in Sea Point with your and our support
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