Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dinner for 10 at Bizerca

People beginning to arrive for dinner at 7.30
Last night's blackboard menu: (Our comments are in the smaller typeface). We didn't bring a menu home and the menu sent to us by Bizerca doesn't have all the dishes. If there is no picture with a menu description, it wasn't ordered
Spring veg salad with artichokes, beetroot, tomatoes , pea shoots, quail eggs and pink peppercorn dressing
Seared swordfish with melon, papaya, avocado and jalapeño dressing
voted unusual, innovative and delicious and very spicy by the people who ordered it, one as a starter and one as a main
Leek and mussel soup with fresh mussels
Two of the guests from the USA said this was the best mussel soup they had ever had, and they would have had another bowl if they had not already ordered their main course
Another starter from the blackboard:  Loraine's vegetarian starter

Large oysters with echalote dressing
were not ordered
Yellowtail fillet with nouvelle potato, green asparagus, confit tomato and lemon grass beurre blanc sauce
Lamb curry with rice, raita and rhubarb chutney
was also not ordered

A main course that neither of us could resist:
Duo of duck, confit leg + grilled breast with waterblommetjies, pok choi, roast parsnips, guava, chestnuts  and ginger sauce
Some of us had the menu’s most popular dish of raw salmon in soy, lemon and oil with goat's cheese and rocket as a starter, others as a main course

The liver received many envious looks and was very, very good, we were told
Cognac Nougatine parfait with fresh strawberries and strawberry sorbet
was really a great expression of this season's marvellous strawberries
Guava cocktail, poached guava and guava sorbet vanilla vodka
We were told by the person who ordered it that we should all have ordered the guava sorbet, it was so special. Next time, if they are still in season.

Some of us needed a light dessert and this green apple sorbet with crisp dehydrated apple rings and calvados was crisp and sharp and sweet and alcoholic. Loved it

You need to order the Tart Tatin at the beginning of the meal.  Topped with vanilla ice cream, It was a great delight according to the two people from the USA who ordered it
John chose the warm chocolate fondant with a crème bruleé and a spoonful of strawberry sorbet. What an amazing tour de force of small desserts

Cafe Gourmand, trio of petit desserts with choice of hot beverage

The kitchen has a blind that shields and conceals, but allows the staff to see out into the restaurant
Huge thanks to Richard, our generous host, for inviting us to join him
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2013

Two of the dishes which were not on the menu sent to us, but were ordered by members of the party

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