Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Fine Bites tasting menu at Buitenverwachting

Buitenverwachting has recently updated the decor in the restaurant, making it seem much more open on the glassed in verandah
Our lunch menu
Warm and interesting bread, just out of the oven with some different butters, was delicious
An amuse of sushi
Sandy Bailey, Buitenverwachting’s PRO is a vegetarian and this was her starter of layered  pepper, Aubergine, Zucchini, tomato and creamy feta.
The sommelier, Elaine Sias, tells Melvin Minnaar what we are about to taste. In the background is Sonia Forssman, the new Front of house manager
Our starter was absolute bliss. Who in their right mind would put foie mousse between two sheets of the best Valrhona chocolate? Edgar is brilliant. It was amazing. Rich and melting, buttery, bitter and sweet. Lynne wished she could have had two helpings.  The Torched quail ballontine was moist, nutty and paté-like, while the fruits added the third dimension.
The vegetarian Fine Bites Menu
Our starter, deconstructed, so you can see the foie mousse
The Wild African garlic soup
The clear oxtail consommé was gentle, clear and refreshing with two tiny, rather doughy, dim sum dumplings and some floating Asian vegetables
Green asparagus risotto was a real taste of spring. The preserved truffle added richness but did not overpower the creamy rice or tender slivers of fresh green asparagus. We might like to return for a large helping of this
Sandy’s main course was Homemade Linguine with Pesto, avocado, courgettes and tomato. Looks delicious
The lamb was very good quality, was perfectly cooked and was a dish full of flavour. The Osso Bucco falafel was another brilliant idea, adding a Middle Eastern slant to the dish.
We are poured the excellent Buitenverwachting Cabernet franc, the second time in a week. It is so complex and layered with berries and wood and is a great food wine
The verandah with our party and paying guests
Winemaker Brad Paton and managing director Lars Maack
Journalist and wine aficionado Angela Lloyd with her husband Mark
Dessert was a Valrhona warm fondant served with a rich and creamy orange parfait, with citrus pearls and fruits, a good match for the dessert wine or the Buitenverwachting eau de vie
The spring vineyards in bud-break stage, still with their cover crop of wheat, with the mountains behind - the feature view from the restaurant
Many, many glasses - the wines we tasted during lunch
Brad tells us about the promise of the coming year and last year’s vintage
PRO Sandy Bailey
They serve a very good and rather necessary double espresso – the coffee shop has become an attraction on its own
Some of the wines we tasted with lunch
The large party table in the restaurant, great for large groups and group wine tastings
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2013

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