Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ATKV Franschhoek Oesfees at Solms-Delta

This wonderful, very real Harvest Festival is a joy of music and laughter, great local food , and Solms Delta wine.   The workers of Franschhoek mingle and have fun together with the paying public and It gives one such a lift to see how SA really does join together to celebrate a harvest, hard work and the future with exciting local music and food. There is such real South African Gees.   We took our Dutch friends and they absolutely loved the event, as did we. 
As we arrived we walked past the braai (barbeque) area, full of smoke and superb flavours of fish
and sausages and lamb chops on traditional oil drum braais
The chicken drumsticks were not making such a fog
We found a table and settled down to listen to the music
Jazz, heavy rock, traditional boeremusiek, big band, marching band - all were there to entertain us. This was the Valiant Swart Band
Proud mums and gorgeous children
The Solms Delta Marching Band – The Delta Valley Entertainers
Everyone plays their tune, not necessarily together!
Loads of talent, and lots of enthusiasm
The tuneful tuba
and lots of style
had everyone singing and dancing along
It's a unisex band, with all the members coming from the Franschhoek area
and lots of great noisy drumming
They start early
Wonderful stands all around the concert grounds sold very traditional local food made by local people. These are Indian snacks
There were giant oysters
good coffee and slushies
biltong, of course, and droëwors
and the happy Solms Delta crew sold wine in abundance
Karen Zoid was one of the headline bands
The crowd loved her and the choir she sang with
This must have been between sets of music. It was really a happy crowd!
A very pretty local girl
Deafened visitor – he enjoyed it really
Do we have enough for another?
MY balloon!
Clown making merry
Very innovative: a windowed wheelbarrow brought cold wine to the audience
Indian biriyani for vegetarians
And the most popular act of the day was Loukman Adams who got the crowd really rocking and dancing and singing along
Having a bit of a jol
Everybody dance!
Vastrap and langarm too - Warren Daniels and his wife, having a great time
They were a lovely happy couple who sat next to us
Another band unites the crowd:
Ollie Viljoen and the choir
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2014

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