Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sunday Lunch at Flava Café, Wilderness

While we were staying on the Garden Route, we had been directed to The Girls restaurant in Wilderness, but they were closed. However we discovered they also run Flava Café and on offer was a rather tempting menu with a value Sunday lunch, so we booked for that
The Sunday lunch menu for the 6th of June
It is a cheerful summery restaurant with a terrace upstairs, but it was warm enough inside on a very cold Sunday
They do have a very respectable wine list, but we wanted to spoil ourselves with some wines from our cellar which we had taken on holiday with us. This 2012 Raats Old Vine Chenin Blanc was beautifully full of mellow fruit and lees and a great start to lunch
They also have products for sale
This 2003 Boudinaud Côtes du Rhône was probably at its peak a few months ago, but was still full of fruit and life. The nose was an overwhelming storm of sandalwood and John also found a few violets. It went well with the lunch
A deconstructed, deeply flavoured beef and ale pie, fresh beans with caramelised onions and a thick portion of a vegetable root bake was sustaining, if a little tricky to eat. Almost a Banting portion, some of us avoided the pastry, others did not.. The stew was a good match for the Côtes du Rhône
Some were willing to brave the elements and eat on the upstairs terrace
Very possibly the best malva pudding Lynne has yet to eat. Very moist and served with a perfect real vanilla custard spiked with Amarula liqueur
They absolutely don’t
Here he is giving in his kitchen
And later giving us a song or two after dinner service was finished
It is a deservedly popular restaurant with locals and visitors. This large group was celebrating a 35th wedding anniversary
Lunch cost us only R 286 with corkage and service

© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2014

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