Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meridian wine trade show at the Artscape

This is certainly the season of Trade Wine tastings. We do enjoy them very much, but why have the all been put into one month? It is quite punishing and we suspect that the company that doesn't hold theirs in the same month will get much better attendance. Having said that, this tasting which was held in the Foyer of the Artscape Opera House, was very well attended to the point of being overcrowded. Probably because they have a really impressive range of wines that they represent.  The canapés were also pretty good.
The foyer of Artscape looks very large and spacious, until you begin to fill it with wines, tables and tasters.
Martin Meinert with his wines. One of the most interesting of the night was his The Italian Job, a white wine made from Merlot. More usual in northern Italy or Switzerland where the grapes don’t get enough ripeness to get much colour
It is always great to start any tasting with a bubbly. Here Louw Strydom Of Ken Forrester Wines shows Billecart Salmon
Bennie Stipp of De Wetshof chatting to Winemaker Duncan Savage of Cape Point Vineyards
Johann De Wet on their stand with his wife
Dewald Heyns of Saronsberg dispensing some of his marvellous shiraz
Mark Fletcher of Meridian with Tony Garcia of Tony's Liquors and Bernedine Le Roux of Meridian
 Cabrière Trade Marketing Manager Uschi van Zweel  pouring us some Haute Cabrière Belle Rose
A detailed explanation of Cape Point wine
 Mark Herd of Sunset Beach Wine & Deli with Paul Cluver and their Seven Flags Pinot Noir
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