Friday, October 24, 2014

A visit to Van Loveren, Robertson

While we were in Robertson, we also squeezed in a brief visit to Van Loveren

The vaulted tasting room also sells lots of interesting local food products
The view through to the deck
Some of their wine trophies in the wine sales area
Bonita Malherbe, Van Loveren’s Sales and Marketing manager, having a Monday morning meeting on the terrace
Which is nice and shaded by all the trees   USE THE SECOND ONE
An old Mahogany kist (chest) from the Philippines
in which the founder of the farm Christina van Loveren brought her trousseau to the Cape from Holland, when she came here with her husband Williume van Zyl in 1699.
The garden is full of beautiful plants, trees and shrubs. Here is a wonderfully colourful Hibiscus
We had a glass of Van Loveren bubby with Bonita
The deli fridge
The deli section

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