Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Supper at Chandani, Woodstock

Thali at Chandani

This was the second restaurant we booked for during Restaurant Week and, this time, we went with two friends who were also fans of the restaurant. We didn’t know what we would be eating before hand, as they didn’t publish their Restaurant Week Menu on line, which was a pity as it might have attracted more guests. The dinner cost R175 per person for 3 courses and what we got was not what we expected.  
The outside of Chandani in Roodebloom Road in Woodstock
We chat with joint owner Dina de Bruyn. Her partner, Jagdish Vanzara, also welcomed us. He has been in the restaurant business from the age of 7. We had some poppadoms, but we were not served any dips
We were served a Thali each – traditional Indian street food. There are two variations, meat for us and vegetarian for our friends.  They cost R175 each which is quite a steep increase on the price they used to charge at their other restaurant Namaste which has now closed. .Other than three dishes with meat, there is little difference between them. Starting at the bottom and going clockwise, there is a of tandoori chicken and tikka paneer with a chick pea patty. Then a cucumber raita, a tomato sambal, You had to be careful not to mix the next dish with the others as it was your dessert, a dish or rich cardamom flavoured creamy vermicelli. Then a lentil soup, a mixed vegetable curry, a lamb Rogan Josh and a Butter Chicken. A large pile of fluffy pilau rice and two naan slices complete the platter. The food was delicious and very filling. The two vegetarian options were a potato and a cauliflower curry. None of us could finish their individual thalis.
Some of the other customers in the restaurant
Tables awaiting customers in the other rooms
The waiter laying places
The bill. We opened three bottles of wine and paid corkage of R40 on each bottle. Some wine did go home!

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