Thursday, February 05, 2015

Night and morning in Hermanus

As we were not prepared to drive back to Cape Town, we managed to find some good self catering accommodation for the night on in Hermanus and enjoyed a good night’s rest. We also had a superb breakfast in Spur! They offer bargain breakfasts for R24.95 and with the addition of bottomless coffee for R14.95, we don’t think you can go wrong.
We found our accommodation, Whale Coast Lodge in Flower Street in Westcliff on which we use often. So often that we now get good discounts.  It doesn’t provide breakfast as it is self catering and we were too busy to take food with us
So off we went to Spur for breakfast
Spurs entrance is in a very bleak car park in the centre of Hermanus and Lynne said to John what a pity it didn’t have a sea view. When we were seated next to the window we discovered it has a really lovely view of the sea over a small park
Our breakfast. This is the special which is a plate of eggs bacon chips and tomato. Sunny side up for Lynne, scrambled for John. The chips are not great, but everything else is good with very fresh eggs. The coffee could be stronger, but it’s not bad
Afterwards we just had time for a short walk along the front. It’s a lovely place to watch whales in the season. The sea was roaring and it smelled fantastic
A few ‘bungalows’ along the sea font. Rather expensive bungalows with this sort of view.
The old washing pools (wasbakkies) on the beach below
The plaque with the information
We walked on the boardwalk but are concerned that, although it is made from recycled boards, they are buckling and some are missing
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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