Monday, March 23, 2015

A day in Kalk Bay with tea at Casa Labia

We couldn't resist taking our current overseas visitors for a day by the sea at Kalk Bay so they could experience some of the magic. After a great lunch we shopped in the high street for a while and the lads went off to see Casa Labia in Muizenberg where we joined them later for a good tea and scones or coffee and “death by chocolate” cake
There was yellowtail on offer and a few black bream but the ladies were waiting patiently for the boats and the customers
A young and cheeky cormorant patrolled the dockside
Quite a character and he has learnt that this gets him fish scraps
Age and experience
Lots of black backed Gulls
and a juvenile
They are experts in filleting fish, but there is a small charge
Someone is going to have a large fish supper
The speed at which they work is breathtaking
How to ensure you get crispy chips at Kalkies. Actually they still come very ‘slap’, but who needs chips? Here lunch for 5 costs less than one meal in a good restaurant.
Enjoying some wine while waiting for the fish and chips and calamari
Today’s menu
It arrives very quickly, is delicious and very fresh
One by one the boats pull in to the dockside. But sadly it has not been a great day for fish, we saw very little come ashore
Waiting for buyers
Snoek drying in the rafters
Tying up
Not a good day, they only caught 5 yellowtail
Negotiating a price
Fresh Black Bream
Yellowtail, some long snoek and the bream
Advertising coming in useful to sell shining Yellowtail
Casa Labia which was the home of the Italian Ambassador and is now a museum and a restaurant. The ongoing roadworks in front means that one has to park a couple of hundred metres along the road, but it's worth the walk
The portico
There were dressing one of the larger rooms for a wedding the following day and a pianist was practicing in the background
It is full of beautiful art and antiques with lots of chandeliers and other glassware from Murano
The boys just managed to finish their slices of the chocolate ganache ‘cake’ with a good cup of black coffee
The girls tacked the warm freshly baked scones with cream and jam and a pot of tea each. Just how we like afternoon tea. And the scones were as light as a feather

© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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