Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blaauwklippen launches Diva MCC at tasting and lunch at Blues, Camps Bay

Blaauwklippen is, remarkably, in its 333rd year and on Friday, to celebrate, they invited the media to their annual vertical tasting of Zinfandels at Blues Restaurant in Camps Bay, paired very skilfully with food prepared by Chef Lorenzo Magni

Beautiful day, beautiful view, lovely Diva Zinfandel MCC to welcome us
Mushrooms and Chicken liver pate with sweet chilli jam, both on mini bruschetta, were the canap├ęs
General Manager Rolf Zeitvogel, Sales representative Fanie Fourie and winemaker Albert Basson
The Diva! It has a fine mousse, bready on the nose with apples and citrus perfume and its criap and ticklish on the palate with lots of green apple and finishes crisp and dry
Chef Lorenzo Magni in his kitchen
The menu with pairings
Blaauwklippen had produced beautiful booklets for tasting notes, always appreciated by the media who have to make copious wine notes
First starter of Ceviche of yellowtail and West Coast Mussels with the Diva Zinfandel
Lovely with the ceviche which tasted of the sea
Second starter was fresh tuna, just gently seared with prawns two ways – we preferred the tempura, covered in a nice salty jus and accompanied by sliced apple and sultana slaw. It paired so well with the 2007 White Zinfandel, which still has leesy perfumed apple, gentle age on the nose and apple and quince with gentle acidity on the palate. It also went well with the Diva
Main Course was grilled springbok loin coated in smoked mushroom and herb dust, served on more mushrooms and vegetables with a berry red wine jus. The 1990 BVS Zinfandel was aged, with incense wood still there with stewed prunes and herbs on the nose. It still had chalk and tannins. The 2011 was full of violet, cassis, vanilla, cola and wood on the nose and had the classic Zinfandel cola and geraniums on the palate and then deepened into rich layered red berries with nice satisfying depth and juiciness. It was superb with the lean springbok and the sauce.
And the springbok was perfectly cooked. Lynne sliced hers across and it was nicely pink
The restaurant has a nice beachy feel
With dessert we were served two Zinfandel Noble Late Harvests, the 2007 had a note of cooked rhubarb with vanilla, green herbs, tomato and geranium. It was full of sweet complex raisiney fruit but had less NLH characteristics. The 2011 had almost the same nose but is full on sweet honey & grape sugars on the palate with a good kick of acid to take care of those sugars on the end. We were also served the Marc de Zinfandel and the Marc de Zinfandel NLH Both intensely spirity with warm alcohols in the best way and great with the dessert and the chocolates
Dessert was an oozy gooey chocolate fondant served with a white chocolate mousse and a berry compote. Also on the plate were two chocolates a Lemon Drop Truffle – so creamy and so full of lemon oils and a Rum treasure chest dark chocolate. We need to know where these come from, they were made by a chocolate genius
A lovely meal, some great wines and a very good pairing by the Blaauwklippen experts and the chef
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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