Monday, March 09, 2015

Starlight Concert at Vergelegen

Lots of strategic planning ensured that we met up that evening at La Franschhoek where John’s tour guests were staying and then it was off to one of our musical highlights of the year, the RMB Starlight Concert at Vergelegen.
Lots of great performers this year, Cape Town Opera Chorus, Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, The Delft Big Band, Bovim Ballet,  our favourite Conductor Richard Cock, City Swing and many soloists. If only the programme listed the names of the performers with the items instead of the composers!
This young 12 year old Maudee Montierre gave a stunning performance for an amateur. She is blind and her ambition is to sing with Andrea Bocelli and Nianell. One wish came true, as Nianell was performing that night and they sang together
The top act for the evening was Sir James Galway, accompanied by his wife Lady Jeanne.  He played some beautiful works, some classical, a Carmen fantasy, a very amusing Irish gig on a penny whistle and a his very emotional rendition of Danny Boy which accompanied the War Horse puppets
Conductor and MC for the evening Richard Cock
The lovely part of the evening when we become the starlight and wave our torches in the air. If we have one small regret it was that this year there was very little audience participation with the music
Nianel singing at the piano
Opera and ballet together
with audience participation by candle light
The Paul Simon Graceland medley had the audience on its feet dancing and tears pouring down Lynne's face as these were the songs that brought her back to South Africa
Help yourself to sweeties at the after concert dessert and coffee table
Best selection of desserts we have ever had. Cream filled chocolate profiteroles, real macaroons, red velvet mini cakes, carrot cakes, chocolate cake topped with raspberries.  By the time we had a coffee and sampled some of these delights, the traffic had cleared
The magnificent ancient camphor trees of Vergelegen, now a national monument. Yes, the trees are a monument
Lovely finding your way to your car through the beautiful gardens of Vergelegen
One of the farm buildings that is now a restaurant
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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