Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The third harvest at The Vineyard Hotel

We were summoned to the Vineyard at 7 am on Monday morning for a glass of fresh orange juice or some bubbly and marshalled into helping harvest the rows of grapes that grow alongside the Lieesbek River. Our vine had over 24 bunches this year, smaller than last year and they had been sulphured to stave off the rot. We await this year’s wine (being made at Meerlust) with great interest
The nets have been lifted and we can see the good harvest of grapes that need picking in this tiny vineyard. The good news is that soon they are going to extend the vineyard with some Chardonnay vines which will be planted on the property at the top of the vineyard, which they also own
A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to wake up the senses. Many lug boxes wait to be filled with the grapes.
It's a good harvest
This is the vine that we look after, filled with bunches of ripe sauvignon blanc grapes
More awake, we can't wait to get going
It’s not difficult, it’s a bit sticky and you just have to watch those sharp secateurs
Busy, busy. Candice Bresler of The Phoenix Partnership and Kerry Sutherland of Waterford Estate
Lynne doing triage on the bunches, removing the bad grapes
Filling up our lug box
Roy Davies GM of the Vineyard Hotel, and Kerry Sutherland tweeting about the Harvest
We finished in less than an hour so it was time for a good glass of Simonsig Brut MCC
The matriarch of the Vineyard Hotel, Kitty Petousis helping herself to a healthy breakfast
Lots of lovely things available for hungry harvesters
Lynne veers more to the savoury side
And with breakfast, more Simonsig to refresh us
Yes, we think this is a much better use for the jam pot
Bottles of the last two vintages. We were finished by 9 and could go back to work
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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