Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Imibala Restaurant & Deli, Somerset West

We ate some lovely food this week at a new restaurant/deli in Somerset West called Imibala. The Imibala Trust, a Gaynor Rupert philanthropic initiative started 15 years ago, is a charity that provides scholarships, uniforms and supplementary educational training to children in financial need. They ask donors to give a child R1000 and every penny of this is spent on the child and is accounted for. The Imibala Restaurant and Arts (Pty) Ltd is a company that runs a restaurant, shop and gallery and this company's activities are separate from the activities conducted by the Imibala Trust. It is the income from these businesses that supports the charity by donating funds from time to time and by hosting events for the charity
We were invited by Ian Downie, who is a member of the trust and who runs the restaurant, to join him for a delightful lunch this week with other members of the media
The outside of the Imibala Restaurant and Deli. Imibala means colours in Zulu
Inside the restaurant, the Deli is on one side. They sell local produce and have a link with a company called Terra Madre who make products for the Deli. We saw some very nice looking take home meals and some good pickles and preserves
Comfortable seats, light and airy and lots of outside space for good days
Ian Downie, Restaurant manager par excellence. We know Ian from the International Wine and Food Society
The media table
Everyone was encouraged to order both a starter and a main course. These are prawn and fish cakes with tartar source
The very crisp deep fried calamari were envied by all
The simple country salad for a vegetarian guest was well dressed
Steak, chips and a garlic aioli
A quinoa, corn and cheese salad looked delicious
Lynne had the avo, smoked trout tian, topped with chopped egg and onion and salmon caviar, Very light and fresh, just what she wanted. You can have this as a main course as well.
Thinly sliced lamb on fried aubergine slices
Beer battered fish and chips
A classic steak sandwich, the French bread was lined with toasted cheese
Stuffed chicken with a chick pea salad
John’s main was a springbok shank pie, so enormous even he struggled to finish it
Great pastry
The deli also has a good selection of freshly made cakes and bread and other treats, like fudge
So much to choose from
Pickles, preserves, sauces and biscuits
A selection of desserts was ordered for the table and we all tried them. This was a rose panna cotta topped with Turkish delight, raspberries , pistachio nuts and crisp tuille biscuits
A classic crème brulée
The cheese platter
A Dacquoise: hazelnuts, meringue and cream in layers, served with raspberries and a crème Anglaise
The booze trolley. This can provide almost any drink you desire
Loud applause for chef Nicole Dupper and the restaurant manageress
Catching up and waiting for coffee. A lovely experience, thank you all at Imibala
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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