Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taste of Cape Town 2015

We went on the first evening this year and found it to be a lot more fun than last year, but with less impressive food. And on chatting to some of our hotel, restaurant, wine and cheffie friends, it seems that they want things back the way they were to start with or their presence might be missed next year. We can’t put our finger on what made it so much fun, perhaps seeing so many friends in the wine and food world as well as people attending whom we knew, but it was fun
We ate and really enjoyed food from two venues, the rest was OK but not terribly exciting to us. It seems that the top restaurants won’t come and do this as a purely PR exercise –would they need to? They don’t make money, but we think they are missing out on introducing new people to their excellent food
Tiny print on the programmes again made for fairly random eating; we ate what we found, until we had had enough. Planning our route would have been good
A merry crowd, but no rowdiness or drunkenness seen on the first night
Chef George Jardine (emulating John obviously) with Louise Starey of The Bakery at Jordan They were one of the Pop-Up restaurants for the evening – sad if you missed them, as they had the best food there. Yes, we are biased
The Jordan Pop-up menu. The baked egg tart with the melt in the mouth buttery pastry topped with truffle hollandaise was magnificent, the dish of the evening, followed closely by that Chocolate and caramel slice
Poor Chef David Hicks from the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg was visiting the show and was presented with an apron and Shanghai’ed into helping George in the kitchen. So two great chefs together had good fun
The two savoury dishes from The Bakery at Jordan
We had the Crispy duck pancakes from Kitima in Hout Bay. Well, it was just one small pancake filled with very dry, overcooked duck
These were their three display dishes on their counter. We had a problem getting our heads around Dutch gouda cheese wrapped around Prawns but friends who had it said they liked it
Errieda du Toit of Kokkedoor fame, who was one of the organisers of the show
Long queues at one of the more popular stands
Char sui oxtail from Azure, gloriously tender with great rich flavours. We also had their Fisantekraal trout done two ways, Tequila cured gravadlax cut in a small round medallion and a superb smooth mousse, baked avocado and corn succotash, second best dish of the night. The duck pancake is from Kitima
More queues of mostly happy people
Lynne asked what the wine was at the Vingooo stand. The reply was White Wine. As it was not at all drinkable, we didn’t enquire further
A new wine for us was the 2013 Neil Joubert's Christine-Marie Blanc de Blanc MCC. We liked it very much and at R110 a bottle, worthy of purchase
The Azure menu – it is the restaurant at the Twelve Apostles Hotel
Old friend Gavin Ferreira, Assistant General Manager of the Twelve Apostles, trying to tempt Lynne into eating something. He succeeded admirably
Vaughan Walker was kept very busy with demand for sweet things on the Queen of Tarts stand
Roger Jørgensen, with the good range of spirits he makes in Wellington, meets Lidia and Linda Nobrega of Chapman's Peak Hotel in Hout Bay
His range with the prices
On the Domaine des Dieux stand tasting their Claudia MCC and new Rose of Sharon MCC Rosé
Lynne having a laugh with the lads & lass on the oyster stand. She can only admire
One of the richer stands, selling spirits and cocktails
Two of our favourites from Thelema/Sutherland, Melinda Jost & Michelle van Eeden having fun on the first night
Shall I, shan’t I?
The Villiera Tradition stand was very popular
Paul Kruger and Pascal el Azzi were great fun and very good at attracting customers
A glass of their Domaine Grier Rosé, from their French vineyard in Rousillon
And who should we find cooking on the Big Green Egg stand but chef Arnold Tanzer, down from Johannesburg for the show
Nearly time to close, so we did the brandy tasting, paired with chocolate. It works very well indeed and we all had a favourite. The chocolate is from De Villiers
Well dressed promoters Megan Venter and Cameron Stroebel on the Black Dog whisky stand
A cider from Sweden? We were too late to taste
There was a good selection of goods to purchase stands , charcuterie, sausages, chocolates, chilli sauces and preserves from The Little Herb Garden, cakes from Queen of Tarts and many others
The Speedy salted caramel tart from The Bakery at Jordan. Such delight
Burgers to go from the Ultimate Braai Master stand. Necessary nourishment at the end of the evening for Silwood students Kayleigh Wortley and Emilie Vidal
On the Paul René MCC stand (from Wonderfontein in Robertson) we found the owners Henk and Monica van Niekerk, Chef George Jardine with Chef Pete Goffe-Wood. A great way to end an evening.
Bottles for recycling after some enthusiastic MCC tasting
Strolling home in the fog
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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