Monday, May 04, 2015

Elgin Cool Wine & Country Festival. 2 Wallovale

The day started cool drizzly and misty in Cape Town on Saturday but by lunch time in Elgin the sun was out and we had a lovely festive day. We met some lovely people and tasted some very good wines. We began at Hannay Wines with Catherine Marshall doing a tasting of both their wines followed by huge hamburgers. Then it was off down the road to see the Wallaces’ at Wallovale farm to taste their wines and some chocolate from Rococo. Finally we finished the day at Lothian in the most amazing house we have seen for some time; tasting their wines and watching the sun disappear over the mountains. It was a fine day.
Paul Wallace, viticulturist, winemaker, consultant, man of many talents and a legendary hat, braaiing the steak sandwiches they had on offer
The original Black Dog, after whom the wine is named
Food, Dad, I need food...
Nicky's sister, Kathy Mukheibir, owner of Johannesburg catering company The Silver Palate, with Mark Wallace, assistant winemaker at Hamilton Russell and Southern Right
Bobby and Mark Wallace. Bobby is studying wine and viticulture at Elsenberg, so both boys have followed in their parents footsteps
The Paul Wallace wines in their new labels. The 2014 Little Flirt is a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, racy and refreshing, The 2011 Black Dog is a rich and deep, savoury Malbec, with dry tannins, especially good with meaty food; 2009 Crackerjack is exactly that, a huge red Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec with some age and some elegance; and the 2014 Brave Heart is their Pinot Noir, fruit driven, elegant and touched with wood, needs time for the flavours to fully open. A good Elgin Pinot in the making
The tasting room
Nicky Wallace's mother, Jean Weight with Anthony Haggie and Brittany Hawkins, who is visiting from Napa, California
The terrace outside the tasting room, a relaxing place to taste wine
Gabi Soule of Rococoa Chocolates with a pair of young fans. Lynne tasted and bought three bars: a salted dark chocolate, a cherry flavoured dark chocolate which is very berry intense and a white chocolate flavoured with truffle that has been come a necessity. Luckily John doesn’t like white chocolate. They are all a little sweeter than we would like, but the flavour additions to good chocolate mean these are a real find. She sells them at the Palms Centre, so go and sample for yourself
No, you are not seeing double, it’s the new addition with the original black dog
Lynne at the tasting counter, waiting to pay
The lovely Nicky and Paul Wallace behind the counter at their Domaine
Part Three: Lothian
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