Sunday, May 31, 2015

MENU's Aegean Odyssey. Day 11: Naxos to Athens

Our last day in Naxos. We awoke to find that the rain had stopped, but the entire town was coated in red sand from the Sahara
Another splendid Burgos breakfast
and back on the ferry to Athens. Sad saying goodbye to Naxos, we loved it.
The Venetian Palace
Backpack on, racing to get a seat with a view. The trip back was relaxing and we did get a window seat
Arriving in Pireaus we were delighted to find the Metro right across the road from the Ferry. Watch out for pick pockets and begging gypsies though. It was the first place we felt a bit cautious as they surrounded us
We checked into our hotel, the Epidavros, and our concierge George Kalogeropoulos, who is superb,
recommended a nearby Taverna
Red wine from the barrel and some bread. Note: You are charged for the bread if you eat it
We were presented with a free salad
Lots of atmosphere
And wine from all over Greece
Looking through a guidebook as we waited for our supper we were surprised and delighted to find that Greece now has an Ocean Basket in Glyfada, one of the seaside resorts south of Athens. We did wonder if Greek owner of the original Kloof St branch and now our Sea Point branch, has anything to do with this
We decided we should order the mixed grill for 2. Back to Banting?  It was very reasonably priced at €22 for everything.  We had no idea there would be so much meat on the plate.  It came with Tzatziki, more salad and chips.  Some of the meat was great, others like the sausages, less so
Mr Beauty Spot had a lot of character and entertained all the guests
Karaiskaki Square was buzzing with traffic even late at night. Our hotel, the Epidavros was just off Agiou Konstantinou and a short walk from Omonia Square so quite central. One side was quite smart, the other full of immigrant populations and quite run down
It had rained a bit while we were at dinner
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