Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fork Restaurant's refurb party

Ed Saunders’ Fork restaurant has been refurbished
So, on Saturday night, a small crowd of his loyal guests, suppliers and also friends joined him at a cocktail party to celebrate the new space, introduce his new chef "Aristotle" and his new manager Emma Farquharson. Fork, which is a tapas bar, has been open now for 10 years and he felt it needed a fresh approach. It was a very social evening with lots of people we know, the Krone bubbly flowed like water and there was also wine from Beaumont, Elgin Ridge, Rustenberg and Warwick, with just a few canap├ęs circulating overhead
His clever signage
The spruced up front of house, with the valuable balcony area above the entrance
The invitation
The daily special menu
Crowd gathering
Out on the balcony, which is well used in the summer
The well stocked bar for the evening
The reception area
Ed wanted to thank all his staff for their loyal service during the speeches. His teenage daugher (seen here with Ed) and son also made amusing speeches about their father and their growing up at Fork
One of his staff Lungi, started with Ed when he opened, as a kitchen porter and is still there now, having climbed up the ranks and is invaluable, he says
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