Thursday, September 17, 2015

PIWOSA Car boot sale at Journey's End

The first time this festival was held and what a success it was. PIWOSA stands for Premium Independent Wineries of South Africa, It was a real family day, with a special tent for the children. They could enjoy face painting, free candyfloss and lots of fun events, including wine Olympics. The adults were kept really busy tasting and buying bottles and boxes of wine from the backs of bakkies, vans, cars and trucks. And there were some really good wines to buy
And then there was the Trebuchet - a medieval catapult, from which they attempted to destroy a caravan by firing first barrels and then a car at it!
Rain had been threatening all week, so a huge marquee had been erected.
Glenelly out of the boot of a bright yellow 1950s Peugeot 402
Gary Jordan fresh from the Caribbean, in the back of their van
With a tanned Kathy Jordan and Thea van der Merwe selling wine
Nice if you can get it, a Silver Bentley S1 from the mid 50s
The vintage wine table in front of a model A Ford
Seating was at a bit of a premium in the tent
The food queues. They were badly let down by some food trucks. 5 were booked, only 2 turned up. The queues were long and a bit slow, but we did all get fed. Those 3 won't be asked again
The truck with the steak rolls, the calamari which, sadly, ran out and the pulled pork sandwiches with chips, which were delicious
Ken Forrester is manic about the Cluver and Jack cider
Friendly faces at the Ken Forrester stand
It was great to see people having a fun time and enjoying themselves
You climbed the stairs to the highest truck for the Paul Cluver tasting with cellarmaster Andries Burger
Ken brought his big yellow 1959 Chevrolet
Babies and wine mixed well. Liesl Cluver Rust, back from a sales trip, enjoying time with her son
Dawid Nieuwoudt with his Cederberg wines being helped by Pieter du Toit and a friend
The Klein Constantia team were constantly and consistently busy
You have reached the end of your journey at Journey’s End farm
German Consul Klaus Stross and his wife Tita relaxing in the Peugeot
Lynne and Tita wondering how much money this car costs to run
Boys having fun, Dave Nel and Alex Dale
Quenching the Thirst on Radford Dale out of the boot of a Jaguar XJS
Boggom & Voertsek Blonde Ale from Cederberg. Lynne tried to convince them the next ale should be a BOGGOF - buy one, go get one free. It's a great ale with lovely citrus flavours
Feeding time
and Candyfloss time
The Drift Farm (Bruce Jack's family) with their Jeep, watched by Swedish sommelier Hansi Blackadder
Yes, we will be needing more wine
Now the fun starts. After catapulting several barrels from the Trebuchet and hitting and destroying the rugby posts, they decided to aim the ancient Mazda 323 at the caravan
Loading it takes quite a long time
Everyone stand clear as the rope is pulled
The counterweight falls back dragging the car forward
and it gains speed and momentum
Up she goes
over head
and to the top of the trajectory
Oooops, missed again. The car hits the ground and shrinks down to half its size. More practice needed chaps. But it was huge fun and a great giggle. Lynne got it on video on her phone too
The end of a lovely day marked by a pair of redwing starlings
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2015

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