Monday, October 26, 2015

Delish roadside restaurant, Heidelberg, Cape

Onward to Akasha, we stopped at Delish Deli for lunch
We agreed to be in Heidelberg by 2pm, where we would meet Chris van der Walt, the owner of Akasha, at Delish Deli. In fact, we arrived just before 1pm, which enabled us to have some lunch. They make great pies and you can order these to take away to enjoy on your trip or wherever you are staying
Farmland and mountains on the way to Heidelberg
The owner made us welcome and took our order. They have great homemade bread, including Banting bread, as the chef is keen on Banting.
Full of good country produce
and lots of indoor tables
The wine shop is separate from the restaurant, to comply with the on-consumption & off-consumption wine laws we have in South Africa, which specify separate premises for each category. They have a good local wine selection and told us that wine sales are an important part of their business
The entrance. They are pet friendly
 We chose a table on the terrace so that Chris would spot us. Neither of us knew what the other looked like, but we did meet up easily
A good meat filled venison pie, gravy, potato wedges cooked in the pizza oven and a morsel of salad
We had Windhoek Draughts to accompany our lunch, which was very satisfying, and we will have no hesitation in stopping again when on the N2 passing Heidelberg

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