Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rank sewage in our bays affects us all

If any of you saw Carte Blanche last weekend, you will know all about the huge sewage outfall problem in Table Bay, Mouille Point and other points round our coastline. The city puts all the city and Atlantic seaboard sewage out into the ocean. This also happens in other areas like Hout Bay. Besides the smell, the toxic chemicals, medicines, dangerous bacteria and microbes in the sewage are really causing major problems and could be a serious disease and long term health hazard for all 
This photograph © Carte Blanche 
A lovely stay in the area recently was marred by the awful stench of sewage. We didn't write about it then, as it was not the fault of the venue and we didn't want to lose them business, but now that it is out in the open, we do hope that the people of Cape Town will rise as one and demand a solution to this dangerous problem from the Council, the Province and the Government. We need an efficient land-based sewage plant; we have to stop polluting our ocean and our beaches with millions of litres of sewage pumped into the bay. They have always ducked this, saying it is too expensive. The population of Cape Town continues to grow enormously as people from other countries and provinces flood in. How expensive is our health, loss of tourism income and our marine life, on which many people depend?   See sense, no sea sewage. Please.
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