Friday, January 22, 2016

This week's MENU recipe: Granadilla Sorbet

This week's recipe is something Lynne had at La Bohème restaurant in Sea Point this week; such a suitable end to a meal in hot weather. It was rich and creamy, but light and full of those seductive tropical flavours with a nice zing on the end. Granadillas are in season but, if you can't find them, you can buy tins of granadilla pulp; just strain out most of the pips please
Granadilla Sorbet
This is much easier if you have an ice cream maker, but you can make it in the freezer. There will be a lot of seeds in the 2 cups of granadilla pulp. A tip is to put the pulp into a food processor and pulse for just 10 seconds to separate the pips from the juice. Strain to remove the pips and then add back just a teaspoon of pips, so that it is identifiably a granadilla sorbet, or leave them out altogether according to your taste.
250 ml orange juice - 1 cup sugar - 2 cups granadilla pulp - a good squeeze of lime or lemon juice - whites of 2 large eggs, stiffly beaten
Put the orange juice and the sugar in a small pot and heat until all the sugar has dissolved. Do not boil. Cool this syrup.
With an ice cream machine Add the granadilla pulp to the syrup and the squeeze of lime juice and put into your ice cream machine and churn until you have a good thick smooth sorbet texture. Add the egg whites and churn for another 20 seconds until they are incorporated. Remove from the machine and freeze until you want to serve this. It will make about a litre and serve 6 to 8 people.

Without a machine, mix the syrup with the granadilla and lime and freeze in a wide shallow lidded container for an hour. Remove from the freezer and beat well with a hand beater and then incorporate the beaten egg whites. Freeze again for about an hour or until you see a ring of crystals forming around the edge. Beat again. Freeze and beat again every hour until you get a smooth thick sorbet.
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