Monday, February 29, 2016

A visit to Hout Bay with supper at Dunes

We have friends here from Holland and, on a recent Sunday afternoon, we took them for a trip to Hout Bay and ended up at Dunes for some good beer and food. We do try to get out and enjoy our wonderful city with friends
Harbour seals feeding off fish trimmings thrown to them by the fishermen
They say most people would like to come back as a cat but a seal's life, although a little more dangerous, does seem to be all fun and play
A queue of seagulls on top of a fishery building, awaiting their turn
A precision landing
A view across the beach to Dunes, our favourite seaside pub/restaurant in Hout Bay
Their take on the Portuguese dish Trinchado (steak cooked in a sauce of red wine, stock, chilli and LOTS of garlic) has tomato, which is not in the recipes we prefer, and the flavour was a bit too sweet
The calamari has always been good: tender and fresh
The rack of spare ribs was superb but very large, some went home. The chips were commanded to be crispy, but were very disappointing
The sun sets quite early in Hout Bay, as it sets behind the mountain
So we drove home via Camps Bay to see the real deal
And the lovely afterglow lights up the sky in a different way each sunset
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus

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