Tuesday, February 09, 2016

George Jardine's new restaurant in central Stellenbosch

We realised when we left the festival that, other than the food and wine pairings which were small, we had not eaten any supper so we headed into Stellenbosch in search of food. And on Andringa Street, just round the corner from Dorp Street, we spotted a new restaurant which was to open on Wednesday, February 10th: George Jardine's new restaurant in town, Jardine. His restaurant on the Jordan wine estate, as many of you will know, has long been one of our favourites. His wife, Louise, had told Lynne about it during the week and said, “do drop in to see what we are doing”. So we did and enjoyed a beer with them and some friends who were also visiting
and, as we enjoyed our beer, whose head should pop through the window but Rian Mol, former manager at George’s Jordan restaurant, who is now working across the road at the new Stellenbosch Kitchen
Chef with his mate Greg
A planned menu
We don't have a phone number for the new restautant, so we suggest that, if you are interested in making a booking, phone George's restaurant at Jordan on 021 881 3612

And what did we find open at midnight? Only the fast food joints outside the Mall. So we supped with the students at Steers with a burger and chips. Not bad as fast food goes, and very necessary or the wine would have made a hole in Lynne's stomach
 After a good night's sleep at our very beautiful AirBnB (we are using them more and more especially as John does not want to drink and drive) ...
...we went for breakfast in one of our favourite places, Spur. We found the one in the Eikestad mall before driving through to Franschhoek. Who can beat 2 eggs, flame grilled bacon, tomato, chips, two slices of toast and honey for R26.90 each? Coffee costs R16.50..!
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