Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sunday lunch at Oak Valley's Pool Room, Elgin

Wending our way home on a very hot Sunday, we decided to see if The Pool Room at Oak Valley had a table for us. Yes, we know we should have booked but, after a good breakfast, we were not sure if we would want lunch. For Lynne, it was a solution to not having to make supper when we got home! The day was very hot. They did manage to find us a table inside and we ordered a lovely charcuterie platter to share. Chef Gordon Manuel then, very kindly, sent us one of his duck combinations to sample. All was washed down with a glass each of an excellent Oak Valley wine
It was one of those hot days when the oaks seemed to be humming. The cicadas certainly are. The sight of the refreshing pool was magic. You can have lunch at the table alongside the pool and people do go for a swim to cool off
An invitation not to be missed
The inside/outside restaurant interior with the large open glass door wall
And the nice view of the pool. The room is cooled by roof fans
The tasting room is at the rear of the restaurant
A selection of things to buy in the deli. Wonderful fresh bread is on sale, as is lots of delicious local produce to take home with your Oak Valley wine purchases
We so enjoyed the French baguette; it made a lovely lunch the next day
Chef Gordon Manuel came for a chat; we have known him for several years and always enjoy his food
The lunch menu. They serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday to Sunday and dinner only on Fridays. To book: http://www.oakvalleywines.com/the-pool-room
John took a photograph of the Acorn fed pork belly topped with crackling on its way to a customer. All the beef and pork used in the restaurant is from free range animals raised on Oak Valley farm. You will see these renowned meats on the menus of many of our top Cape restaurants and some are available countrywide
Chef Gordon sent us a complimentary plate of his Duck Composition starter. On the right is the sliced Rooibos smoked breast of duck, in the centre a small salad and, on the left, confit duck leg on a liver parfait, topped with an apple crisp and served with a Cointreau glaze
Lynne had a nicely chilled glass of Oak Valley’s crisp and delicious Sauvignon Blanc; John a glass of the rich and full, lightly wooded Chardonnay
Our Charcuterie platter had two different saucissons, chorizo, Duck liver mousse, pork rillette, three cheeses, pickled vegetables, peppadews, homemade preserves, bread and a salad with fresh and oven roasted tomatoes. We polished it off with gusto. Just right for a hot day
Children pool paddling and being covered in sunblock by a sensible mum. Looking at their pale skins, undoubtedly just arrived from northern climes
Madeleine Rawbone-Viljoen was supervising the tasting room and deli on Sunday and we had a great chat. The Rawbone-Viljoen family has owned the farm since 1898 and they are very large fruit, flower and plant growers and suppliers in South Africa and abroad and, more recently, successful wine farmers. Recently, they expanded very successfully into the meat business with their free range acorn fed pigs and Simmenthaler and Wagyu beef herds
A specially commissioned oak leaf chandelier graces the Pool Room
With matching sconces
Our bill
As we left, Maddy presented us with a bottle of their five star Mountain Reserve White Blend to take home and try. Thank you for a lovely experience
Their tasting room manager, Danelle Bosman
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus

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