Thursday, March 03, 2016

MENU's Wine of the week: JH Meyer Pinot Noir 2011

So difficult this week, as we have had some sensational wines and it is another red: Johan Meyers Pinot Noir 2011. What is a winemaker from the Swartland Revolution doing making an elegant Pinot Noir? Playing to his classical training and strengths. The grapes are from one of the best farms in Elgin. A complex, layered Pinot with lots of cranberry and raspberry fruit, hint of wood and some tannin structure, showing it has years more to delight one. Sadly, it is not freely available; we bought it from him in November 2012 and he only released 1002 bottles, but watch out for his newer vintages. He is one of a brilliant generation of young South African winemakers. His Chardonnay 2011 is also out of the same box, but from Walker Bay grapes.  No oxidised wines here.
Third best Pinot Noir in the World! On the subject of Pinot Noir, drink a toast to Newton Johnson, whose Family Vineyards Pinot Noir is on the front cover of the April issue of Decanter, possibly the UK’s most authoritative wine journal and the world's most widely read. It is rated in the magazine as one of the three best Pinots from the world outside Burgundy. 
We congratulate them and are very pleased that we have a good selection of Newton Johnson Pinots in our cellar.
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