Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Mad Hatter evening at A Touch of Madness, Observatory

You can't say we are not game for a fun event. We got dressed up in eccentric garb on Friday night as we were invited to the 'relaunch' of this pub/restaurant in Observatory. Walking through those rather dodgy streets in weird clothing needs bravado. It is now under the ownership of locals Richard Andrew and Olivia Andrews
Our first meeting with Olivia and Jean du Toit, the manager, both of whom may well be a little mad dressed like this! Behind them is Leah van Deventer, the White Rabbit to John's Mad Hatter?
The front garden area, where they poured us a glass of Bubbly
The front room of the restaurant, where we enjoyed our glass of Bubbly
Fashionistas NOT! And yes, you have noticed that not one other person in the room has dressed up as instructed. Clash
At the bar. A mask? A stetson, really? the best you could do? Some other silly hats seemed to be most people's idea of a touch of madness. Co-owner Richard (turquoise shirt) looking after a customer
Serving John two craft beers
The inner room filled with, mostly, locals
Just chilling on a Friday evening
On the back terrace outside
The restaurant menu
The wine list has a couple more pages
The outside of A Touch of Madness in Nuttall Street
Locals enjoying themselves
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus

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