Thursday, May 12, 2016

96 Winery Road celebrates its first 20 years

How many of you remember the original Gatrile, Son and Co restaurant in Johannesburg in the mid 70s. (It has now moved from the city centre to Sandton, like much of the business which started in central Jhb). John was an advertising photographer in Jhb then and it was the “in” place to eat and entertain clients if you were in the advertising industry. Ken Forrester was the manager and, later, part owner
Twenty years ago, in 1996, after twenty years at Gatrile, Ken came to Cape Town and opened 96 Winery Road across the road from his farm, Scholtzenhof, in the Helderberg valley. His brother Allan joined him as manager and partner. Chef Natasha Harris has also been with them since the start. She took over as head chef from Kathy Romer-Lee. It has very much the same concept, local and fresh and now often organic, and one very important beloved recipe, Duck and Cherry Pie, which goes so well with Ken’s Syrah Grenache, is still on the menu. Ken went on to start Ken Forrester wines and with winemaker Martin Meinert has produced some very special Chenin Blancs and other excellent wines. But, last Saturday, it was time for 96 Winery Road to celebrate its success with a party for special customers, suppliers, and friends. Everyone was invited to bring the family. It was a great fun day
The weather was kind enough for everyone to sit out in the garden
Allan Forester with Gareth Robertson; Sparkle Horse MCC being poured in the background
It was a very friendly crowd, many people knew each other
Caroline van Schalkwyk, Marketing manager at Steenberg, with her husband Anthony, who is Marketing manager at Kleine Zalze winery, with Leigh Anne Barry Meinert (the La Barry of Martin Meinert's wines)
Sterhuis winemaker Johan Kruger and Sofie Gielen
and their gorgeous new addition
It was very much a family day
Look at me Mummy! On the jungle gym
The slide was very popular
There was a good selection of Ken Forrester and Martin Meinert’s wines to drink
and a singer who sang Amy Winehouse and other jazz, soul and R&B numbers
Pete and Elize Goffe-Wood catching up with Tamsin Snyman who was there with her daughter Trinity. Pete has recently had an operation on his leg and is still on crutches
First course for lunch was two soups, butternut vegetable or lamb, which was the one we chose
Allan Forrester telling us some of the history of the restaurant
to a rapt audience
enjoying the day
Lunch was platters of tasty bits and self service
Three kinds of crisp samoosas, chicken, veg and beef
Beef tartare on spoons
Brie on caramelised onion
Mushroom risotto topped with pesto and cheese on spoons
Horseradish sauce on the beef
Tamsin Snyman with Teresa Forrester
A killer crème brulée. We hear some people had several! They told us they could not resist. It really was one of the best ever, properly made
The 20th Anniversary cake
Martin Meinert with Anthony van Schalkwyk
Tamsin with Pete and Elize, finally sitting down
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus

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