Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Societi Bistro Tour Through Italy Launch

Each year Societi Bistro has this great gourmet tour on offer through the dishes of Italy. Each month is a different area and the food is paired with suitable local Italian style wine. On Saturday we were invited to go and sample the food and wines. It was a large gathering of regular customers, friends, media and wine people and was a blast. Now all you have to do is look at their website or Facebook page to see which you should book for.
Mozzarella in Carrozza (in a carriage) warm and oozing sandwiches from Tuscany on the Hill and Dale stand
Hill & Dale winemaker Guy Webber with Sam Linsell
Van Loveren were serving their Pinot Grigio and pasta shells with a tomato sauce from the Puglia region. And running a popular competition
Hill & Dale also had their Pinot Grigio and were showcasing food from the Campagnia region of Italy
Beans and sausage stew on the Steenberg stand
Steenberg had their wonderful soft and juicy Nebbiolo and were showcasing the Lazio and Umbria regions
Forkfuls of the aubergine salad with mint
This went with the Terra Del Capo Sangiovese, spicy and wild and represented the Calabria and Basilicata areas of southern Italy
Try some?
They also had their Pinot Grigio with a super tuna and caponata dish
It was a very well attended event
And on the fire, huge T-bone steaks
Van Loveren were kept busy
That tuna and Caponata dish from Sicily
The signs gave the information needed
Taking more food to the tables
Chef ?? telling us about the monthly menus
Announcing the awards for the best dressed guests
Who each won a chair from Woodbender
And here they are: Sane Mbhele and Adrian de Villiers
That steak was superb
Owner Peter Weetman with Clare Mack
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