Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wade Bales Wine & Malt Whisky Affair at African Pride 15 on Orange

Thursday was the trade night at this annual event held at 15 on Orange Hotel at the top of town and it was buzzing with wine and spirit people.  Wade had come up with a new idea this year. All of the wine and whisky people showcasing their products had to bring something rare and different and at 7.15 a bell rang and for just 15 minutes you could race around to taste the special offerings.  But the evening had many special things to taste
The team on the  Edgebaston stand - winemaker Pieter van der MerweBrand Ambassador Annemie Adriaanse and her partner, Mark
Clients of the sponsor relaxing in the  lounge area
In the Whisky room you could taste as many whiskies as it was sensible to do. Each stand had several different ages of their brand
Sharp suits and informed staff were there to help
And some fair lassies too. It was a treat to taste a 17 year old Balvenie, presented by Megan Volmink
Wade Bales with Dan Ahern of sponsor BNP
Adam Mason with his own Yardstick wines
The Yardstick Chardonnay
The Villiera bubbly stand was very popular
Gathering around the Murano Bar
It was very well attended affair
There was a selection of cheese, breads biscuits, nuts, olives and relishes to keep hunger at bay
The only problem: it was quite a long way away from the wine! So you had to keep going back to the stands to get a wine to taste and then coming back for some food to see how it paired
Near the end of the evening it started to thin out
Emile Joubert having fun
We think he is saying "You must taste this wine!"
An old friend, Bonnie, who used to work next to our shop and who is now working in the wine industry
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