Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MENU goes East - Cruising on Ha Long Bay

If you woke early you could go and do Tai Chi on deck. We did, but we didn’t feel like it, so we just watched the sun come up over the bay. Or you could go to the tiny gym, the spa for a massage or soak in the small on board swimming pool. Lunch was going to be a beach barbecue on the company's private beach and there would be a climb of 100 steps to see a cave and a chance to swim
The pearly early morning light on the bay
Fishermen were out pulling up their crab pots
You could tell it was going to be a hot day
Fishing nets are out
and the sea is very calm. Apparently it can get stormy!
Our sister ship was moored nearby
Early morning traffic
Some fishermen still live on their boats, but most now live in town and come to the fishing villages each day
A smaller cruise boat
We left Dragon Legend in one of the tenders to visit one of the islands
with its private beach
The rock formations are so varied
Once on the island, those who were brave enough climbed the 100 steps to the cave entrance. Huang tells them about the cave
The view from the top of the steps
The cave entrance
The magic inside with the stalactites and stalagmites well lit. Thousands of years of water erosion carved the cave from the limestone
Our party walking in the cave
Down on the beach, those of us who didn’t want to do the climb were swimming. Those who had joined us later
A barbecue lunch on the beach under umbrellas
Andrew Turner caught a fish by hand, but it was dead!
The lunch was superb. The cold beer was an essential antidote to the heat
Dragon Legend was moored just off the beach.
They call this the honeymoon boat, just for one couple
Late afternoon light. In the far distance is a white mountain. Not snow, but marble
Sunset is quite rapid but very beautiful
A fishing boat headed for home
Some of the boats gathering for the night mooring
A smaller boat all lit up
Lynne trying her hand at squid fishing. Not a bite in sight
The crew fish off the back of the boat every evening and you are welcome to join them
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016

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