Wednesday, June 08, 2016

MENU goes East - Vinexpo Hong Kong, the evenings

We confess, we are a little in love with Hong Kong. And the evening light is so charming. The last real junk in Hong Kong is now a tourist boat. And how beautiful does it look in front of the new causeway suspension bridge
Floating in the mist, being approached by another ferry
Constant dredging is taking place to enable large ships to enter the bay
Ferries and freighters criss cross the bay at sunset
A summer sunset in the warm, humid May air
Sails go down
On Wednesday night everyone was invited to the BLEND Party, a chance to meet each other and mingle. Drinks were on the house, or on the sponsors
We queued for the best Mojitos we have ever had. A glass full of mint, lime juice, soda and lots of white rum. Note to all Cape Town bartenders: The glass was not filled to the brim with ice. We could actually taste the contents. Stop ripping us off.
Some of the cocktails on offer
Hong Kong sparkles and flashes at night, the buildings seem to compete with their light shows
We headed up from the Convention Centre to Lockhart Road, a six lane highway through the city centre, to find some street food. The traffic never seems to stop
After a very long walk we spot some street food below the walkway
It is very confusing, as you don't know what to buy. We got two sate sticks of pork here and some noodles, two different sorts, far too much
John fancied those German-sausage-looking slices which were cooked in batter. They turned out to be deep fried Spam, as we discovered when we ate them! Not many were eaten
It's a youthful culture. Everyone is smart and neat, but not many wear named labelled fashion - but there are loads of fakes with misspelled names
 Why not look to see what is on the other side of the corner?
The following night, when VinExpo had ended, we ventured out to another Dim Sum restaurant. This one turned out to be in the Michelin guide and well deserved it. It is called Tim Ho Wan and the branch we went to is near Fortress Road, one Metro stop from our hotel. There are other branches around Hong Kong. We thoroughly recommend
Thank you Bruwer, your wines go so well with DIm Sum
The best pork buns we have ever eaten. They are a secret recipe and this restaurants speciality. The outside was like a crisp and light sweet scone. The inside full of sweet and sticky barbeque pork, you can see it in the picture on the table mat below.
And on John's plate. In the middle won ton dumplings with a sauce and spring onions
Beef balls are a must
And so are Har Gow, the perfect steamed crystal prawn dumpling. We had a lovely couple who live in Hong Kong as table neighbours, He spoke perfect English and told us lots about Hong Kong
Getting late so the restaurant is emptying. Our bill again came to under R200 for the two of us with tea and no corkage on the wine
Darn if we had gone next door, we could have had roasted pigeon. You don't see many birds in Asia. We think most of them go in this direction.
And so, we took the metro home
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