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The Cape Port Association annual awards luncheon at Muratie, Stellenbosch

The awards ceremony took place at Muratie on Wednesday, 18 May and was a very jolly affair. There are awards for all the different iterations of Port as well as wine made from port varietals. We tasted the ports and drank some of the wine entries with lunch.
Carel Nel of Boplaas had everyone wondering whether they had won
and then they found out as the announcements were made
Chair of the judges Christine Rudman tells us what the judges were looking for and what they had found
Trophy Winner Mike Neebe of Axe Hill Vineyards, Calitzdorp
 and the top award winners, from L to R: Anneke du Plessis of KWV, Carel Nel of Boplaas, Mike Neebe of Axe Hill, Alwyn Burger of Calitzdorp Cellar, Louis van der Riet of De Krans
And then it was time for lunch. Freshly baked bread and farm butter
Nan bread gave us a clue as to what was coming
Another clue, fresh Poppadums
Peter Bayly and Christine Rudman having a laugh and a glass of Pink Port
Ah, it's a great Cape lamb neck curry cooked by Kim Melck. It went extremely well with the Axe Hill Distinta
AND the De Krans Tritonia
The chef, Kim Melck
The ports for tasting
Rijk Melck with a friend
There is a small room at the corner of the winery building which was, apparently, a retreat for former owner Georg Canitz. The walls are covered in graffiti, most of it is about 70 years old
Some of it is rather cheeky
The flock of geese on Muratie does a great job eating up snails and other pests
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016
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A Cape Vintage is this year’s winning port
The Axe Hill Cape Vintage 2013 from Calitzdorp is this year’s overall winning port of the annual Cappa Challenge, while Calitzdorp produced all but five winners from the 62 entries in both divisions.
The winning port was made from the Portuguese varieties Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barocca and Souz√£o.
In second place overall is the KWV Cape Tawny (non-vintage), while Boplaas Cape Tawny 1995 took the second place in the Cape Tawny class.
In the Cape Vintage class, Axe Hill 2013 is the overall winner, with De Krans Cape Vintage Reserve 2013 in second place. De Krans won a further two golds with the De Krans Cape Vintage Reserve 2014 and De Krans Cape Vintage 2013.
In the Cape Ruby class Calitzdorp Winery Cape Ruby is the overall winner and the KWV Classic Collection Cape Ruby was placed second.
The combined museum class winners are the KWV Limited Release 1961 and De Krans Cape Vintage Reserve 2005. Boplaas won two gold medals with the Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve 2005 and 2006.
In the table wine division for natural wine made from traditional port varieties, Boplaas took altogether four places among the top ten, with the Boplaas Reserve Ring of Rocks 2013, Boplaas Tinta Barocca 2015, Boplaas WW Tinta Barocca 2014 and Boplaas Portuguese Collection 2015. De Krans took three places in the top ten with the De Krans Tritonia 2014, De Krans Tinta Barocca 2013 and De Krans Tinta Roriz 2013. The other three places are held by Bergsig Touriga Nacional 2015,  Bergsig Touriga Nacional 2013 (Breedekloof) and Overgaauw Touriga Nacional 2015.
     Issued by Cappa (Cape Port Producers’ Association)

     Jean-Mari Strauss 021 865 2330
© John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus 2016
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